Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to basics

Hello dear ones, I know, what a suprise, almost half a year without posts, then two in one week! I'm serious about keeping this up!!! I wanted to get back to working with the bare foundations, meaning graphite and portraits. This is a 8 x 10 drawing of my sister, on Canson paper. My camera is no where near adequate, in taking proper photos of my work, but this is more of a " here's a snapshot of what I'm doing, and yes I am still working! " I'll be posting more work, hopefully integrating some handbags I've designed as well!

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Elizabeth Kinsman said...

I know I never met your sister in person, but from what I have seen of her, this is a remarkable likeness. I also enjoy that you managed to keep the portrait light and 'airy' feeling, I tend to get too bogged down with heavy shadows, particularly with pencil drawings.
And I absolutely love the way you handled her hair.
Good work.