Saturday, February 28, 2009

Painting a week, and revisiting past themes

So much for being an awesome art blogger, one post every 3 months is quite aweful, and now, with priorities fully set in place.. you will be seeing quite a bit more on here! I have vowed to:
1. Complete a painting a week. Which will of course be posted on here.

2. Work on my series of hollowed form animals, and post em!

3. Continue a blog on my art ventures ( perhaps start a seperate blog for this?)

So... with this being said my lovelies... here is a photo of 2 little ceramic critters, with new additions to be added to the family. I have a hawk that is being fired and glazed next week and will post him when he's fully incubated!


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CassieMarie said...

You can't just make promises and not keep them!! hehe. Hope to see you blogging more soon!!!! :)
Love and Hugs,