Monday, May 5, 2008

Madtown Gallery Night Musings

Dear friends,
I am going to start posting more then just my work on this blog.. the reason is that, as an artist, i not only create, but am constantly inspired by daily experiences. As an art gallery, museum, festival junkie, I feel like, in order to keep this blog relevant, and customized to me and my artistic musings, its only right ( and a bit less dull) to post my artistic thoughts, journeys,as well as tangible creations! So, with that little note, I wanted to post a few pics from the Madison Gallery Night, Friday May 2nd. Let me just say 4 hours is not enough to check out the 58 participating locations for the night, but I did find a few gems, met some great people, and saw some pretty awesome art. Here are some photos of some of my favorites of the night. The first photo is of some great musicians at this fabulous gallery housing local artists work ( and FABULOUS ) diachroic jewlery, Absolutely Art on Atwood ave.... The second photo is of a piece called Space pup at the Overture Center for the Arts off of State Street.... Third some beautiful glass pieces at the Overture Center ( they look like they came fresh from the ocean floor!), and lastly a photo of one of my favorite Wisconsin artists.. Tom Uttecht.. his paintings of wildlife and the great outdoors greatly inspire me.
Overall the night was great, the streets of downtown and around campus were filled with the music of street musicians, performace artists dancing to the musings of "candy shop" in the windows of a local gallery, wine flowed freely from place to place, and the company of a great friend, topped off the night. All of this talk is making me want to go home and paint!


CassieMarie said...

"space pup" is a print by one of the printmaking professors here hat NIU- Michael Barnes- hah- small world.

I'm glad you'll be posting more! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.