Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Colored Pencils.. woot.

Hello again friends, I know, two posts in one day.. its overwhelming now isnt it?! I just wanted to post a drawing I did of my friend Guy. I've ventured back into colored pencil territory and this is the result of a hiatus of about, well, 10 years or so.. no joke. Ive been trying to dabble in a lot of different mediums, and since drawing/illustration is my foundation, I thought i should revisit it. I am working on a few more portraits which i will post soon. Namaste~ V


Unknown said...

On a whim, I was looking through some searches for someone else I know when I ran across your blog. I like your portraits; they capture something intriguing about the person you're presenting.

I'll bookmark this blog and check it out periodically.

Anonymous said...

Fan-fucking-tastic!!! hehehe Guy's head yay! I like the purple-y softness of this portrait. And in colored pencil no less Hol-ee crap! (I hate using colored pencil but love seeing someone use it and make it look good.) Love E